Laia Arnaus webpage, as an online presentation of herself.

  • Using Sifo framework.
  • Google Analytics monitoring
  • Multilanguage, supporting English, German (default), Spanish and Catalan.

Crop n' Square is an Android tool to crop a non-square area of your picture (or select all of it) and paste it in a square shape, to be able to publish it to social networks that accept only squared photos, like Instagram. It was published on Google Play on 23th April 2013, and is shipped with the following main features:

  • Crop a non-square portion of your image and place it into a square shape.
  • Change the color of the square shape.
  • Apply rounded corners into your image.
  • Share to any app, like Instagram.
  • Share from any app, like directly from your Gallery or your camera.
  • Designed to work on phone and tablets, in portait or landscape orientations.
  • Multilanguage, supporting English (default), Spanish and Catalan.